Jeff Townsend, aka Podcast Father

Honoured To Be A Guest

I was a guest on episode #22. I've been interviewed numerous times over the years, but this particular interview was one of my all-time favourites. Jeff's interview style is relaxed and never feels overly planned. He knows his guest but allows the interview to develop organically. He managed to extract information out of me that other interviewers haven't been able to do so. The atmosphere was light and welcoming. He allowed me to be myself and was genuinely interested in everything I had to say. His follow up questions were dynamite. Just when I thought we were done with a particular topic, he would mine it a little further and extract another gold nugget of information. Jeff's a skilled listener; it's a skill that not many interviewers have. He listens, and listens intently, and knows how to direct a unique, engaging, and informative interview! This was an enlightening experience.

As for the show as a whole... Jeff is doing something genuinely unique here. Not only is he giving us indie podcast creators a platform to communicate our experiences, ideas and advice but the information contained in each and every show is valuable to anyone looking to improve their own program. Jeff talks to everyone... big and small creators alike ...and every single person he chats with is compelling and has a very unique perspective of the podcasting world.

Every time a new episode is released, it should be the first thing you listen to that day! Brilliant work!

Dec. 16, 2021 by Erik Woods on This Website

Jeff Townsend, aka Podcast Father