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As a Podcaster, you are often left confused and plagued by doubt. Am I doing everything I’m supposed to be doing? How could I be doing things better? How are other people making their podcast succeed? We all want to feel like we’re doing everything we can, but often have a little information on how to measure our success.

Jeff, aka The Podcast Father, has a wonderful weekly show that gets deep into discussions with podcasters about their shows and successes. The things they did at the start that they wish they could do differently. The things that they’re doing now that are helping them find success. The shows they listen to, and the people they follow, as they continue down their path as Podcasters. There are very few podcasts that could be considered “essential listening,” but if you are an independent podcaster who is interested in hearing how others do what we all love to do, then this is an absolute essential listen for you.

I don’t say these things because Jeff is a friend, or that I have both been a guest and a intro cohost of the show. I say this as a regular listener of the show, who enjoys hearing the stories from my fellow podcasters. Jeff is a great interviewer, and has a wealth of knowledge about podcasting himself, and he always get the most interesting guests. There are several podcasts I would not be listening to today myself if it were not for Jeff’s interviews with those podcasters.

Dec. 18, 2021 by Edward A Havens III on Apple Podcasts

Jeff Townsend, aka Podcast Father